Tanya Sokalski

Dog Groomer / Stylist

Mission Statement

My mission is to make your pets grooming experience a positive one and to provide the best and most thorough dog grooming service available in a fun and loving environment!

I do my best to educate owners so that they have an understanding of how to care for their pet's properly.  I make a concerted effort to listen and respond to the needs and concerns of my clientele and take in full consideration the client’s requests; however, the animal’s wellbeing, treatment and health always come first.

If you are already a client of Precious Paws, I thank you for your patronage.  If are not a client, I invite you to give Precious Paws a try.  I am committed to maintaining a clean, no stress environment and making sure your pet is comfortable while they are in my care.

Experience & Education

I have over 10 years (and counting) of experience working with and caring for dogs. Working for a Boxer breeder for 9 years is where my passion for dogs all began. Throughout the years I have gained valuable experience working in many different animal facilities, such as the OSPCA and a veterinary hospital. Other work experience includes dog walking, doggy daycare attendant, groomer’s assistant and working for the Lions Foundation as a Dog Guide kennel attendant.

In 2002 I attended Sheridan College and took a one year Animal Care course where I received a certificate. In 2003 I started a two year apprenticeship with some great groomers who taught me everything they knew! So, here I am today… still grooming, and still enjoying every minute of it!

I have two wonderful boys at home, a cat named Milo and a Rat Terrier named Remi, who can often be seen at the shop!